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Founded in 1965, and true to its namesake, House of Bangles originally produced bangles, earrings, and rope chains.  The owners were committed since inception to continually expand their product offerings.  In the early years, the company served mostly wholesalers, catalog showrooms, and department stores.  As the company grew it quickly set about improving the company’s product offerings and brand recognition by making headway with major national retailers.  By the 1990s, the company had expanded its reach once again making an aggressive expansion into several countries.  Today, HOB stands as a global supplier in the jewelry industry.

Statement from CEO Leon Kleinbart
HOB is optimistic about our company's ability to continually expand into the global market.  "With over four decades as leaders in the jewelry market, we have been on the cutting-edge across all of the changes industry-wide.  Our family is looking forward to becoming a global leader in the near future, while continuing to serve all of our loyal customers. The company's commitment to quality, service, and keeping abreast of the latest industry trends assures we can be a player on the ever-expanding stage, for years to come."
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